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Behold! Behold a place that’s home to those whose found themselves quite comfortable losing hope within their own self…
I have seen you strength day in and day out Fighting for the happiness of our family Being the only thing keeping us sane in this mess
Though I study hard and long People have questioned me all along   Adminstration always asking  And Parents always nagging   Let me choose the path I want  Let me choose the path I want 
These demons This pain And this everlasting dread.   No friends… just devils Inside of my head.
It is the highest expectations that have the furthest to fall,
Calm, chill, charming, That is what people see. I present a facade of confidence. Little do they know, My insides are burning. Most do not know of the fear, The fear of the future.  
Fear is what I consume,
Depressed,tired of being called out,wanting to quit Try balancing a 3.5 GPS while you play sports and trying to "fit in" Sometimes I want to give up. But my parents taught me better.
I smile when I want to cry I laugh when I wanna scream You wanna know why  Because when I cry or when I scream It's pushed aside like a child's plea
all i can hear is the ticking of the clock, though i'm halfway certain there is nothing but silence. i would much rather be in a trance than here with such a horrid creature. you ignite my every being only to
Beyond the face there is a brain. It may not always be right, It may not always be sane.   Beyond the eyes there is a vision. What I wish I could see, All the things that are missing.  
He's blinding almost, he's screaming out, "Let me go!" "Take me back!" "Let me go!" and..."Take me back." again Blue is where she found misfortune. She's tempted,
I might've not got best dressed, but Lauen Conrad will be my invisible guest in the back of my mind as I sign away scholarships to get me through time. I cheer and I choreoraph for a team so sweet
its in my lonely  that I realize how I am frail and boney how harsh I am to me,how my heart is stony it is in my lonely that I confront my phony masks get dropped and the acting gets chopped
As a child I admired my babysitter She was so smart, beautiful, grown up She made me anxious to mature   Now I wipe snotty noses I give bubble baths
Behind ev’ry face, There is a room; A room filled with Tons of drawers.   Hidd’n in these drawers
Father What you could never be A hero in the eyes of the boy You couldn't see Believe you'll make the ideology Of a youth quite effectively When you yourself Are blinded by whats beneath
My parents said my desired career was not fit for this world. They said I will not make enough money to live. I want to change the world. I want to BE somebody. Do they not understand?
He took one look at me, Just one look, and he knew I had to be his all. He would be the one to sweep me up, hold me tight, The one who would never let me fall.
  Riding for miles, Your perfect smiles,   Silent conversations, Innocent flirtations,   The hot, sunny days, They passed me in a daze,   Mindless texts, Not knowing what comes next,  
Sometimes we disagree, But that’s okay. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re always there, You’ve helped me grow, And you always know what to say,
I drag my feet through the halls.  Tired eyes, stress at home. Please do not fall.  Friends turned their backs. Feeling all alone, all I needed was a good smack.  That person, who believes...believes in me. 
Justin Bieber with his pants sagging so low touring round the world with pot to blow. While little girls are following screaming his name, giving our society a face of shame.   Justin Bieber such a shame
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