The Greatest Love


He took one look at me,

Just one look, and he knew I had to be his all.

He would be the one to sweep me up, hold me tight,

The one who would never let me fall.

I was his first true love, and he was the figure my life was lacking,

Because the last one had other priorities,

But was always slacking.

He did not mind waking up to my cold feet on his chest,

Nor holding me all night,

Just so I could get some rest.

I helped him grow up,

And he was there with me every step of the way.

Maybe, not my very first steps,

But the ones that made him stay.

Not only is he the man I will love more than any other,

But he’s the one who always stayed around,

And stole the heart of my mother.

Never will I ever refer to you as my “stepfather”,

Because you took us both into your life,

And you did not have to be told to bother.

You have always had more faith in me, than I will ever have in myself.

Everything I am today, is because of you,

And that is the best gift you could have given me, in itself.

I know you will always be the hand that lifts me back onto my feet,

When I give up on myself,

And before I accept defeat.

Because not only are you my father,

But you are my biggest fan, my greatest friend.

The day I stop looking up to you,

Will be the day that my days end.


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