Its All Up to Me


I drag my feet through the halls. 

Tired eyes, stress at home. Please do not fall. 

Friends turned their backs.

Feeling all alone, all I needed was a good smack. 

That person, who believes...believes in me. 

Shun a bright light onto me and now I see.

My path. My future. My destiny.

I will follow through and be the best of me.

As I slumber through the night. 

Im guided by her might.

Everyday the sunshines, it sings onto me. 

Today is a new day, follow me and soon you will lead.

Filling up with strength.

It took one person to lead me to these great lengths.

Now I say onto her, "Thank you, thank you for every word." The words you twirled.

To encourage, criticize, to love and support. Which brought me back into the world.

Now its all up to me

and soon you all shall see.

The piece of me that was broken.

Has revived and it will be my token.


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