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The earth she has a fever And a nasty cough and sneeze The fear of every planet A human-like disease   They spread across her surface Removing all her trees Polluting their own oxygen
At 4 am, I hear birds chirping. There are many reasons why they could be chirping. But I like to think they're chirping for the sake of chirping. I like to think that they just
Oh, planets Oh dear planets,   I wonder sometimes, how does Mercury manage to have icy shadowed craters with the Sun's warm embrace?   And I deliberately ponder,
A PLACE We lived in a society where false is welcomed. And Where people flee from the real.
i've always known i've never been the favorite child off kilter and distant like a drunk on the curb so i guess it makes sense  that you've finally let go of my cold hands
My father and I were sitting in a new restaruant looking over the menus. We loved to go to new places and try new foods. I think it was one of the many reasons we got along so nicely.  
The sea salt water masks the scent of decay in this townDo you remember the old days?This decrepit land was once fresh like a newborn baby boy.It grew and grew 
Where did the serene blue skies go? What happened to the crystal clear waters? Blackened nights and darkened clouds Leave creatures and humans suffereing, Suffocating, crying, dying.
Dear Earth,   Your rolling fields of amber grass, Cerulean waves of primeval, And skies painted with ripe orange, bubblegum, and perfect aubergine Are no longer as beautiful as they once were.  
Oh the dirt will scream The mountains will cry And their souls won't speak Because they'll be tongue-tied
Mercury, Venus, Saturn, All the planets, the same pattern, If we listen to their patter, Our world is bones from their matter. The Sun has scorched the planes of Mars,
Twenty one point three. Twenty one point three million. Twenty one point three million refugees Half of which aren’t even eighteen, Forced from home simply because,
Of the many things wrong, I find this one to have a grip on me, strong We need reform Let us perform A societal change Refute the strange
This sight and futile inactionat our world as she dies kneelingwas enough to change this pathFrom medicine to engineering 
Poor Pluto Was once a Planet. Now its a Dwarf-Planet. Who more a Planet. Than some Gas Giant Planets. Pluto, so far out in space. Is its only fault. ~ Ricardo
The Earth is our landThe provider of the roadsWe call to travel onCreator of the soil we useTo plantGrowAnd nurturea host of abundant faunaWe depend upon its survival
What if the world ran on energy That was sent from the sun people could do so many activites that you could not count the fun    renewable energy doesnt go away there's so much to use
Very vague are the Various viscous Vibrations volleying With vast Motorizing strength, The blasting of the Motor To the best bang Of engine blinding The eye with
Hugged fingers for safety protect me
There once was a man called Marcus Whom lost his paintbrush in his heart He had his surgery In the planet Mercury And then he let out his last fart
The pain begins to kick in. The never ending pounding,  The drums beat inside my head.  Trembling, the room spins, Sipping the vodka in my glass, I'm drowning. My liver screams
I always wanted go to Mars, So I can see the view, Or maybe I can glance at the stars, To wish upon a star that’s true.
Look around, what do you see? Is it blurry or is it just me? I rub my eyes to make the fog go away. But I end up smearing my make-up for the day. It is not hard to see the cause of this,
Like Jupiter, his face always features at least one giant red spot And Saturn's rings have found a second home beneath his eyes The stifling clouds of Venus emanate from his throat
Planet Earth where I reside Created by Him, who gave me life Sent me here for a purpose to fulfill To set goals and achieve, to strive Our society is condemning Humanity is painfully amuck
You don't know it yet but you are an infection. A stain stung so deep into this earth's rich soil,
On the beat, on the beat The only sound's the pounding feet Of people jumping on the stage, Dancing the story of our age, Of all the humans in their cage The dancers free their pounding rage.
Dark, my limbs struggle through There is nothing to prove That the emptiness around me Isn't empty Where does it end? Where do I begin?
Dedicated to the man whose quest for wanderers caused him to question that term's definition. ---
I gleam with a yellow satisfaction, The night couldn't be more clear. My thunderous telescope absorbs fiery light, And brings the booming images near.
All that I reported was a little bit distorted, We had known about the plants and we had seen how they consorted, But unlike many other plans theirs was not aborted,
Forced to think about resources What really matters today Many obstacles man created Life never got in his way.
This world is ours ours to love but yet we have cars that is not love with smog all around and trees burning down yet no ones makes a sound no one even has a frown the world is dying
You would never think of stars Those tiny, inconsequential lights in the night sky You would never believe our sun Is exactly like those white lights Its golden rays shining on your face
The full moon, the dark sky. It never leaves my mind. It guides me all the way, through the twists and turns. You burn a mild orange now and again like that of the autumn color leaves.
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