I am but a Man


United States
33° 59' 58.578" N, 117° 25' 55.722" W

This world is ours
ours to love
but yet we have cars
that is not love
with smog all around
and trees burning down
yet no ones makes a sound
no one even has a frown
the world is dying
and with it us
we must start trying
this world needs us
we use the oil
we use the metal
the world is in turmoil
with this we can not settle
the world could be destroyed by a can
but what could i do
i am but a man
what could i possibly do?
its time we clean
its time we grow
i dont mean to be mean
but we have to show
we can save the planet
we can fix this problem
we need to be determined to win it
we can stop them!
grow a tree
plant a bush
it is free
we just need a push
it takes persistence
i will do what i can
but i need your assistance
because i am but a man

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