Earth, My Home

Planet Earth where I reside

Created by Him, who gave me life

Sent me here for a purpose to fulfill

To set goals and achieve, to strive

Our society is condemning

Humanity is painfully amuck

Our environment is wasted

Ignorant people don't give a fuck

We must stand for peace

This can't continue to go on

How long shall it be

Before change comes in strong

There are people dead

Families are torn apart

No more tears to shed

The pain is too much for the heart

Our society for a few decades

Has been in a deep sleep

Can't address these global issues

We can't remain as sheep

Don't be sedated

We should be motivated

Our world should be full of love

The truth will no longer be shaded

Ignorant assholes just go on

Focusing on what matters less

War is still happening

Therefore I shall not rest


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