from the perspective of 2006 pluto

Mon, 05/18/2020 - 23:47 -- caseyrb


Woodcrest Drive
United States

i've always known

i've never been the favorite child

off kilter and distant

like a drunk on the curb

so i guess it makes sense 

that you've finally let go

of my cold hands

in the middle of the intersection

even though i'm still here--

trust me when i say i'm still here--

i still howl

and take too long

to move in the mornings 

but now there's just less people to notice

and if anyone was out there caring--

taking a glance of wonder 

through space glass--

i don't know if i would notice

with the smart ones truly worlds apart

i know i'm alone now

feeling my weight pull through murk

for longer than they could wait for




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