The Cause


Look around, what do you see?

Is it blurry or is it just me?

I rub my eyes to make the fog go away.

But I end up smearing my make-up for the day.

It is not hard to see the cause of this,

For it is the cars and trucks that is causing all the crisis.

They huff and puff heavy smoke around.

The heavy smoke linger on in the air,

And people don't even care.

It is the main reason for this wacky weather,

And people still seem to wonder.

It's like, "Come on people!"

Use them pupils.

If people really cared about the environment,

This should not have been a belittling sequent.

It is about that time for a change in vehicles.

Or else, we will end up in a beastly chronicle.

Pollution is its name,

And vehicles are to blame.



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