Human History


You don't know it yet but you are an infection.

A stain stung so deep into this earth's rich soil,

that there will be no mistake about whose brand it is. You are a disease ripe with filth and insecurity that you slough off onto the ground.

Caked on make-up you've tried to hide the faults you cannot fix with but no one ever taught you that you can't hide terranoma with an application of cover up. You are a sickness.

 A plague

A scourge that can be watched in high definition from every angle and in delusion most will call it progress. Rivers cry oil and the blood of unborn fish -pardon me- caviar fills your plate.

Forests decay with rot at the sight of your "civilization".

Those brave enough to dare it climb the tallest peaks, choke their lungs and numb their bodies, simply for a taste of clean air.

You are a monster.

Without guilt or regard for the lives you have claimed, your world turns on.

A pristine planet, a home, is dying.

And you don't even have the heart to feel guilty.


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