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When life comes to shove, You can count on a nurse, to keep you in the universe. Nursing is an act of love. 
We are born in this world to people who want nothing more than for you to succeed They see a purpose within you They are the ones that fill your needs. As I've grown into the young woman that I am
Its 4:30 a.m. I awake. Its 4:35 I hit the snooze button. Its 4:45 a.m. I calm our crying son. Its 4:50 a.m. I cook breakfast. Its 5 a.m. I go to work. Its 5:25 a.m. I care for patients. Its 6 a.m.
Five hundred, twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes. Some of them we don't remember because we’re deep in sleep. Some we don't remember because our unconscious will not keep.
The brain is a marvelous thing full of numerous files from long ago, and yesterday loads of info it compiles   The center of it all, it gives me instructions brilliant mastermind,
I want to be a nurse, decided so in freshman year.  Go to college, and graduate school.    Needed to be good at chemistry, math, and stress.  To be a nurse anesthetist.  
A towering city scape appears, Above the hustle and bustle. It’s image takes away my fears, Gives strength to my tired muscles.  
Jordyn McMullen My Year in Poetry Scholarship The Hands of a CNA This year I became a Certified Nurses' Assistant In the past year I have witnessed end of life I have witnessed neglect and abuse
Nursin' home Where the ole heads roam Sippin' tea outta gold chalices and chrome Its seasoning, a seizin' king Cant hold em down But i cant leave
Started my day before sunrise Started my day after noontide Started my day at witching hour 16 or 12 hours, all shifts I devour   Started my day with sarcastic smiles
When someone says thank you That look of relief, These are the things that I think are neat.   The twelve hour nights The patients that fight, These are the things that make me sigh.  
The American Dream is about having the esteem to be who you want to be.
Helping people day and night Helping people left and right Rain or shine For Saddness or happy This is my job, my calling, my happening Healing the sick or fixing the disabled
I'm Here by choice. You're here by chance.  It was just a blink of an eye or your time past due. You don't know what to do but I do.  You don't want to say goodbye and neither do I but maybe it is time to fly. 
Mother in panic; eyes widening and blood boiling
When you lie awake at night, do you dream? Do you dream of blood? Do you dream of a flood of urine? Do you dream of a heroine addict? Do you dream of the old and the young?
.......................... the doctor intubates;the nurse begins compressions;the tecn runs for the defibrillator;chaos.
My goal in life is not to change my own but to bring light to another's. In time of need and suffering, I want to be there. To put a smile on their face,  to ease what is uneasy... that is my life goal.  
Focus, involvement, schedules, preparation, and goals, Words that have played a crucial role in high school. Four years of learning about my strengths and weaknesses, Finding new interests that will lead to my happiness.
Nurse helping the sick and injured
Changing my path for the career of my dreams it hasnt been easy, I've stifled many screams Working full time while taking many a course and stressing about the great unknown in full force
A nurse has always been the one thing I wanted to be, And I will become one to the best of my ability.   To cure, to assist, to heal, Would make my occupation surreal.  
The number does not change, it never changes No, all they can see is that number. The number that distinguishes me from other applicants.
Save a life Just save one life.
A dream is far from a physical state, a goal remains beyond our reach for so long. Through creativity and complexity great things come. People live for eachother, weak or strong.
A man stumbles in bleeding and burned. Unknown to I  he has 3 children one on the way a wife a family and yet he risks his life for another family up in flames.
  Life of a Nurse
Who are you going to call, When your leg is broken and you can't walk, When you have sniffles and the chills, When your back is constantly hurting, But you don't know why? Who are you going to call,
I don't know how it feelsTo be given an expiration date.I don't know how it feelsTo swallow sixteen different pills each morning.I don't know how it feels
volunteering in hospitals you see things, things you cant unsee, wish you hadnt seen but you did see. multiple posibilitys surrounding you. saving a life helping someone give life. being around people you can help is were i see myself .
Every person has different thoughts On who they want to be We have been told since day one that you can be whoever you want to be   At the age of five this makes sense
I am a woman.  
I am fat. I have rolls. I have stretch marks. I have scars and pimples. I have freckles, moles, and birthmarks. I have hair in places I don't want it.  
Author's note: While Power Poetry covers a multitude of causes, I've noticed that there are two in particular that are largely avoided--elder care and death.
I heard stories from my aunt, who was a nurse. In a hospital. A baby nurse. I wanted to be a baby nurse. I wanted to hold the preemies, Feed them their tiny bottles. I wanted to wear blue scrubs like her
I want to go into the field of nursing Since nurses make people feel better, And that's what  I enjoy doing. I want to give people a second chance, And to give them some hope when there's none.
I thank God for letting me live this day and that's why from this day forward I will pray I will pray and pray all day Because I love God and can't no one take that away He's the slowest man we know
They say the body is a temple. A sacred home of an object of religious power, meaning God has chosen it to be one of his homes. A thought to live by, words to own.
Why is this so hard  Was raised like an uptowngirl  Now a poor college girl
I look out into the world with one swollen eye. Some days I ask myself why haven't I died? The hurt doesn't stop. I'm not in any shock. What a life. I'm all grow up and I am free from your hands. You are not worthy to call yourself a man.
  Your love is not just love  Your love is that type of love that is unbreakable,  Let me explain ... See, His love is that type of love that will never give up. Its unlike human love, which is conditional.
The soliloquies in my heart and in my brain are begging to be released shouting loud, their words manifested on paper relinquishing all that has been trapped, like a caged bird or swirling wind in a cave.
Sayde you made me a better person You helped me decide what to do With my fragile life I turned on the light And saw you laying there You were cold and Not shivering You laid there in perfect silence
Sayde you made me a better person You helped me decide what to do With my fragile life I turned on the light And saw you laying there You were cold and Not shivering You laid there in perfect silence
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