Cities and Stethoscopes

A towering city scape appears,

Above the hustle and bustle.

It’s image takes away my fears,

Gives strength to my tired muscles.


A year ago I sat upon the steps,

Of an incredible city structure.

My shoulders trembled as I wept,

I put myself out to pasture.


A year ago I married my best friend,

We vowed to keep on swimming.

For Nursing school would be my end,

But truly it was my beginning.


Rejections came and placements passed,

And each time I tried to smile.

But those city buildings towered fast,

And my goals stretched on for miles.


The hospital doors welcomed me,

As we wheeled my Aunt through them fast.

Surely she would need surgery,

But I was home at last.


Some would say it was sadistic,

To feel at home in a place of death.

Some would judge because I have missed it,

For every entrance is like a new breath.


And then on a lovely October day,

The letter had a Spring date arranged.

The acceptance melted my fears away,

And I knew that I had changed.


So here I am, a year from where,

I felt rejection beat me.

The buildings tower in the air,

But this time they choose to greet me.


A stethoscope around my neck,

Scrubs with embroidered letters.

I am finally here for your call and beck,

And for this experience I am better.


These buildings and my school are near,

They remind me of the times when,

I was sad and lonely throughout this year,

And now soon I will become an R.N.



A poem about my journey to acceptance into Nursing school. 

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