I write to encourage souls and their designated bodies.

Sat, 08/03/2013 - 20:16 -- Shana W

They say the body is a temple.

A sacred home of an object of religious power,

meaning God has chosen it to be one of his homes.

A thought to live by, words to own.

while others say the body is merely a shell for the spirit of the soul.

It's fragile hold 

until God calls unto it to join in company within the mighty heavens.

The location that brethren and sisters only dream of but never had their naked eyes behold.

Only their ears ringing with the previous, ancient stories that were told.

With eyes that can only bare witness to the earthly miracles that continously unfold.

There are no limits

with God living inside the very thing he allows you to temporarily control and own.

For you only get one.

As countless people abuse them, God grants mercy on their souls.

Temples are susceptible to corruption within the environment of a world so cold,

and like natural disasters, diseases attack.

Grabbing onto blood and brain cells, 

causing doctors to predict inevitable surrenders.

With battlefields in our temples, we live everyday.




hearing, learning,

laughing, crying,

nonetheless surviving. 

Billions of us holding the title of a veteran of the personal warfare our temples endured.

Not all of us have been victorious, given proper recognition and honorable burials.

And many of us mentally feel we are failures.

But our destinies hold the determining factors of our battles and their proceeding outcomes.

And I, a fellow temple.

A fellow veteren of some previous battles.

A fellow soldier of some present battles.

I can only vow personal prayers and poems toward the hope of you soldiers 

and the victories of your future encounters.

No matter how hopeless some doctors and judgemental non doctors label you,

Through hellfire with wishes toward the Heavenly Kingdom.

One day, with the Temples we carry, we shall all overcome.




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