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Mon, 06/27/2016 - 17:12 -- Elantra

Nursin' home
Where the ole heads roam
Sippin' tea outta gold chalices and chrome
Its seasoning,
a seizin' king
Cant hold em down
But i cant leave

Pick up the ball and start pitching
Cant help help but fall in the kichen
Bathroom mishaps
Toilet misses
Tweakin out and breakin dishes

Nursin' 'em
No problem
They paralyzed
Cant solve that
That cath
Stay emptied
Rub lotion on yo' frail feet

Keep on laughin'
I ain' jokin'
I can save
So start chokin'
Bring you back
Wit dat cpr
"Thats wack"
I see you wont go far
Lil' girl
Put on some clothes
Lil' girl
Whi' she out there in these streets
Im makin' money runnin' game
She think she got that beat
Hoe a statistic not a name
Think real hard bout what you sayin'
When we older when we grown
Take yo old ass to a shelter
But take me to a home

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My community


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