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Her voice is the light at the end of the tunnel.  If only there was a tunnel I could go through to get to her.  For now, I have to accept that the phone line is the best tunnel I'll have to her. 
Equipped with shoes hiding 10 toes, yet not exposed. Toes of yours are something I wish to hold. Incoming call for two;
You were there and then you weren't.Its like I felt this coming.Like its what I was waiting for.And it hurts. More than you could ever imagine. You call it a break.
I know we spoke about it once and twice With every sincere conversation we had Not knowing what the future holds for you, I or us, but I am helplessly pondering About our situation and relationship status
The days I want to cry and die You make me happy and I don't cry . You make me feel loved the days when i feel I'm not enough . You clear my mind when a storm has hit I wish I belonged to a group or a click .
In September I met you In October I fell in love with you In November
the fair.  lost phone, lost wallet. running barefoot, rain, realizing i'm out of shape. security office. wheezing. sweaty, shoeless, boarderline dying. eye contact.
"First step's so called education, next we bring assimilation. We keep you passified so you will follow" Send out the soldiers & fill up the prisons, Stand in line for superficial pleasures
you say you have never been out of the country but my dear you really have you say you have never crossed the border into any new lands but you have been all around the world my dear to places far and near
There is a distance between us   That is neither too great nor too small   So why is it then, that I feel it is much too great   And certainly not small enough
The life we've had that I once knew sweet memory's that consisted of nothing but you. But you know how to destroy things, feelings I have had are being pushed to the past all because you can't pick up a phone.
my limbs are aching;
Three syllables shouted across states,
I've been thinking of you.  The way the quiet symphony that  Plays through your vocal chords Slips it's hand down my panties And its tongue in my ear So easily
I was going to kill myself on April 12th April 12th I don’t know what it was about that date that stood out for me Maybe it was the odd symmetry of it…4/12/14
When I think about youI think about all the things we shareI think your love and tendernessI think about the love you had for meI think about how in love I was with youWhen I think about you
I questioned if you were reality, My perfect match staring back at me.  You pulled my world from dark to light, And encompassed me in heartfelt delight.   
Why can't you be a few steps away? Instead of looking at your eyes I'm looking at the phone Instead of hearing your words I'm reading them Let's travel through the air to meet each other in the sky
I sit on a windowsill, cup in hand. The cup is attached to a four hundred mile-long string that if its path was traced would lead to your hands,
It hurts that your not here. I'm dreading the end of the week.
The road winds molding to the curves of the land like dark ruffles on a lover's favorite dress   The hills embrace the rocks hard against their gently draping skirt of yellowed grass  
It's in his too-mellifluous voice,
The dim lighting hits your alluring body in the most perfect way.I stare as if I'll go blind by sunrise.
I wrote you poems when my heart was at its best and at it’s worst.
What time is it in Fresno? What time is it in London? What time is it in Austria? I wish I could split my body Into several pieces I would send one of me to each of you
As I sit staring at the "fasten seatbelt" light overhead
Some days there are people and moments that you just really miss. My indententation for my poems don't work so you'll just have to read it in paragraph style. What is it that you really miss?
The bitter potionOf passion
You're doing laundry And I'm trying to clean my room Like Gatsby and his green light Your name on my facebook message says active Green Dot Green dot. dot. dot. Green dotdotdot
You're a note sent from heaven, To this battle field in hell. I wish I could kiss you here and the worries farewell.   Every letter written carefully By a steady hand in ink.
  A hunger.  Impatience catalyzed within soft veins.  A thirst. Lips cracked with a desire to be touched.   I feel him, From a mile away. His body chemicals and mine react
Its so hard because you're over there and I'm over here and when we're apart days feel like years and when we're together hours feel like seconds
Waves crash, Though only sometimes The seagull flutters about; The sea turtle sits in wait Will the seagull ever tell the turtle what the waves are meant to be?
Autumn sweeps in, softly at first The quiet promise of rain-kissed air A cool breeze on your skin Leaves like shocks of flame darting through the trees   Birch and oak hesitate to shed their coats
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