744 Miles

It hurts that your not here.

I'm dreading the end of the week.

 I feel like everyone is throwing it in my face,

 but they don’t know.


 I walk past the tables  selling their  gifts.

"buy a gift for that special someone" they say.

But there's no one special here.

My heart only belongs to one.

And you're 744 miles away


This Friday is going to be hard,

I'm not ready for Feb. 14th 

While everyone else exchanging gifts with there loved one,

 I cant see the one I love

 because your 744 miles away.


 While everyone else is out to dinner with that someone special;

I dine alone.

Because my someone special is 744 miles away.


While everyone else cuddles up next to there sweetheart,

 I hold on to my pillow, and shed a single tear,

wishing you were here, but your not

Because my sweetheart is 744 miles away.


Nights are getting worse.

I miss being able to wrap myself up in your sweet embrace.

I miss waking up next  your loving face.

And miss know that as I lie next to you,

pouring out my hearts true feelings in a song of silence,

your heart sings back with a tune that’s echoing mine.


Even singles have it better,

they might not have someone, but at least they don’t know.

They don’t know they hurt that comes from longing to be with the one you love,

but being impeded by those 744 miles.

 They don’t know the sorrow that fills up my heart and drowns out my happiness

as I think about those dastardly 744 miles.

And they don’t know  the pain, the pain that consumes me every time I'm reminded of you

and realize if it wasn’t for those damn 744 miles,

The pain would cease to exist.


Its not knowing that’s brings them happiness on a day like the 14th.

Ignorance must truly be bliss if it allows you to travel through life

 without ever knowing the pain that 744 miles can cause.

 But ill keep the pain,

 ill keep the hurt,

and ill keep the sorrow.

Because in feelings these things I know I have something real,

and once I travel those 744 miles,

travel those 10 hours and those 28 minutes.

It all disappears with you single touch,

And I forget.


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