Green Light


You're doing laundry

And I'm trying to clean my room

Like Gatsby and his green light

Your name on my facebook message says active

Green Dot

Green dot. dot. dot. Green dotdotdot

Move my cursor over and my heart beats faster than I can type

Think about sending a million different things but nothing's enough

This poem's not enough

Just abstract and everywhere

Like when we were kissing and you had to push back my hair

Why am I making this rhyme like I actually care

The sentences grow longer, the pauses stronger

Yet I still can't press enter

You're in San Diego

I'm in Fresno

San Die-GO away feelings!

FresNO more of this please

Loving you is just so much of a tease


I missed my chance

We kiss for hours that night

And our impromptu dance

I was stupid

I'm sorry

Love sucks

dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot dot

I don't know what to say

I miss you, or the idea of you? 

I think about you every day

But it's not enough, it never is and never will be

Separated by 400 miles and a 1 year of my insanity




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