Long Distance Affair


I've been thinking of you. 
The way the quiet symphony that 
Plays through your vocal chords
Slips it's hand down my panties
And its tongue in my ear
So easily
As if it knows I can't resist. 
I've been thinking of you.
The way I want to ride your bars
And take your stanzas from the back
While your metaphors and similes drip down my legs
Into a pool of poems and short stories at my feet.
I've been thinking about you. 
Hell I've been making love to you in my daydreams
Fucking you in my other dreams 
And not getting enough of you in my nightmares.
Begging to be filled by you
Trembling as you tease me with the tip of your tongue 
Coaxing the stress out of me like a snake charmer...
Goddamn I've been thinking about you
Every night I lay in bed with your name on my lips
Thinking about how your hands would feel around my waist
Wondering if I asked nicely enough
....if you would recite a poem between my legs
And make me scream
At every exclamation point 
I've been thinking about you.
So much that this poem would have been longer...better....
Probably even revised.
But I have to stop....
Because if don't...
I'll start to wonder
....if you've been thinking about me. 


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