long distance relationships

The life we've had that I once knew sweet memory's that consisted of nothing but you. But you know how to destroy things, feelings I have had are being pushed to the past all because you can't pick up a phone. That same phone that use to ask me "am I alone " it seems like now all I get is the dial tone. I know we are miles away but baby there's 104 days of summer vacation that we wait on year after year so why can't you wait on me. I'm sitting here asking to be your everything a real one, your Bonnie and Clyde because for you ill ride to the wheels fall off. But why is your phone turned off, do you not miss me, just think about the times when you used to kiss me. Where is that guy?  But All I hear is the dial tone but here's my message after the beep : I love, I miss you. Ill be home December 14.


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