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If it is God who chooses leaders, then he has failed. My people are starving. Others are dying Because of the Man He chose for us.
Silently I prayUnderneath the starsFor a lover that will stayErase all the scarsLeft on my heart by othersWho left without hesitationAnd let me be smothered Therefore, what I hope to find
In such a reflection-Shows a glimpse of the neglected-Unspoken agendas and desires of perfection-Within thine inner self begins the wrestling-Scattered thoughts lost amidst chaos of time-
There are moments when I feel the injustice to my gender more prominently    When I am told in my job orientation that my attire is restricted for the men’s comfortability   
We were, two lurking knifes. Against the LOW: Criminals.
Within human introspection comes a price, A revelation to the darkness of the mind. Venturing inside requires the roll of the dice, Are you ready for something not so kind?  
I refuse to submit to the brainwashing of Faith.  I am liberated through The world;  I am limited by Religious culture. To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
I don't need Humanism  To be good, I require only God.  I don't need man-made distractions such as Technology and modern advancements  To live, I thrive off of beautiful things like
It’s 4 PM here in Georgia, And I’m enjoying time with my friends We’re studying and laughing together, As we enjoy diversity through our peaceful lens.  
Liberation, She called it, Discharging pet Lovebird from the Foreign shackles Named commitment  
Text me when you're home Safely Did you eat? I can buy you something Gave you all my love All I could give But what I couldn't do was Forgive
12/28/2016 As flesh clad together turn in my mind, Something I’ve abstained from and so I find,
The "land of the free" made a slave out of me My people chained body and mind While they "progress" we get left behind We try to find our nitch, but are too dark for them to make room
My mussel, gaping, black, and blue was forked open   but time tequila    and tension stick us back together.
I sit in the buckle of the bible belt Fighting to merely exist As white men in stiff suits With smiles that never reach their eyes Sit in a room in DC
Sometimes it is easier to smile, To tell everyone lies, Rather than the problems we hide. I know 'cause I've been there, In many ways I still am. So then why on earth do I participate
  There's something about this need to want things I'm never likely to have.Something about these patients, because I often wait, waiting on some miracle to liberate me from the misery of my dreams; I dream miserably.
Their owners were scared of mental liberation, What could only be found with an education.  Forced ignorance squanders original thought  Lowering expectations, fueling blind spots. 
I love that you stand taller than me your soul  is the closest thing to heaven I've ever felt God knew that so he built you accordingly  
In Yellow and Stripes of Black They did fight for freedom, did they They were considered to be Dirty They were killed, Brothers, Sisters   My Brothers, Sisters They were,
I knew that when the going gets tough most of the tough gets going you see they're robbin' us  leavin' us with broken promises  lying to U.S. open your eyes they're not trying to liven us  it's so unjust 
What do I find awesome? Education and the fact that it helps me blossom Everything from reading to color coding notes Reading lets me discover new worlds and teaches me cool new words
With my words as my paint
People see my gifts and abilities, And they say,"Consider yourself lucky." They tell me I'm lucky, Because I believe in a God that tells me I' free, I'm born into a family of white priority,
She formed from cosmic dust. A ball of hollow gas with a dash of wonderment and arrogance. She has long flat feet that used to dance to the heartbeats of drums Her thighs are like logs Thick and sturdy
I can see you feverishly stabbing away at your keyboard the glare of the computer screen illuminating your countenance 
Trying to be defined by who I am in your eyes, But what are my definitions, What are my standards? When I look in your eyes I see a misrepresentation of the girl that I am
 I am a woman, There is nothing to be ashamed of. I bleed once a month, sometimes twice I have breast, hips, thighs and booty. I am a woman, There is nothing to fear. I am the accused lesser sex
Get off of me— You dreadful chains, You sable smog. You make my life miserable—             So uncomfortable.   I want to see the world. I want to feel God's breath on my skin.
There happens to be a list of forbidden words, It is as if our mouths are spilling turds. "Turds" happens to be another one of those words. Why can I not call my teacher a curd?
I like to let my imagination run wilder with every darker shade of the night sky, as the sunset melts away onto the other side of the world, like sherbet ice-cream left on the counter for too long.
I am a real piece of work And that much about me will never change I’ll change the world with words The same way you changed me You made me a worrier Excuse me
DIG ME OUT OF THIS FUCKING GRAVE!Stop burying me in past memories,Forgotten conversations,Guilty Temptations,The unending persuasionsTo take you back-  NO!
We are half of our planet's population. With a world wide desicion, we could stop new human creation. We are your mothers, daughters, wives and sisters. 
To heal, must find joy in the little thingsto reveal, must love in many different waysTo be tired, to be alone, that is the solitude that comes as a result of the forgetting to breath sometimes, part.  
My name. Since the day I was born, My destiny was owned by others. They gave me that name, Tied to their rotting family tree. I hated to hear it, For it only meant trouble.
In all adversity, I shall always thrive, And without you here, I will shine. You will not stop me for I am still alive. My heart and my soul will be kept mine.
I need answers I need prayers I need sympathy In this dying misery I need affection I need hope I need this wind to tell me which way to go So come with me now
A sapling restrained from its dirt prison Wanting to sail across the vast seas Yearning for liberation
The eyes, The cries, The petty grins, and truthful lies. They stand before me as i try to rise for i despise, these snicker flies, eating away at my gracious prize. for it is mine it is quite devine
Oh, her future burns, Burning bright Like a pyre for god, Burning bright, As her past burns. She is the phoenix.
You are loved. 
Forget what mama said
 when she was angry 
because you didn’t agree.
 Turn away from that 
boyfriend you had,
 the one who broke 
your heart and promised

He didn't even know me. he passed me by like a river's torrent smoothly, he grumbled, "Nice shirt FAG!"
Guns don’t kill people People kill people People with guns kill people People for fun kill people People with psychotic dispositions kill people People with the wrong mental composition kill people
Hours go by so slow yet weeks string past One minute you're at the cafe sipping tea The next you're on a boat fixing the mast But not everyday is an adventure out at sea
"Freedom for women!" they shout These feminists few But how can they not see that she's a feminist, too? So many spaces are unsafe black children are shot little girls are raped young women are beaten
Inside it controls. Inside rage. Inside pain. Inside bursts of tears. Silence. It hides in the chaos-filled voices that live in life. See the girl who sits and cries.
She needs protection. She is just weaker. This is a man’s world. His ego is the leader. He believes he’s in charge. Speaking of his tyrant wisdom, He gives orders at large.
I will not. No more yes dears, no more "Of course honey"s, No more martinis and foot massages.
Boss me around all day, But don't you think I should have my say? So what if you are male and I am not? We also have minds, thoughts, and dreams we have sought. I am disgusted by the way you degrade me
I want a boyfriend but I also want feminism Does that make me so awful? Does it make me any less of the woman that I am? Does it make me wrong? No.
you’re getting married saturday. you’re marrying the man you deemed better than my father, the man you figured was more suitable for you than three children, a loving husband, a house with large windows
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