We the People

She needs protection.
She is just weaker.
This is a man’s world.
His ego is the leader.
He believes he’s in charge.
Speaking of his tyrant wisdom,
He gives orders at large.
But shouldn’t she be treated equal,
For she too makes up the people.
“We the people!”

Housewife duties is what she’s good at,
But who is he to tell her that?
Besides nurturing kids, there’s more to her
Another side he hasn’t heard.
“We the people!!”

1848 Seneca Falls Convention,
Her political rights he forgot to mention.
Arises Stanton, Anthony and Adams,
Along with her civil disobedience
Sparked a change in many regions.
A form of litigation
And her 19th amendment
Changed this nation.
“We the people!!!”

Political equality at once.
Then follows economic and social.
She is now vocal
In the country she supports.
“We the people!!!!”

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