I Will Not


United States
43° 54' 30.0384" N, 91° 14' 27.528" W

I will not.
No more yes dears, no more
"Of course honey"s,
No more martinis and foot massages.

I am done apologizing
I've finished laying down
And taking it, taking it, TAKING IT
Guess what?
I can't take it anymore.

And I will not.
No more going quietly into the dark
I want to scream, shout
MAKE you hear me
Yell for my sisters, mothers, friends
Who have no voice.

I will not.
The time has come
BATTLE for my rights
To being a human being.

I am not a slave.
I am not less.
And I will not
Go quietly.

I will be that whispered word
I will be that voice in the night
Speaking for the rights
Of women everywhere.


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