"Lost at Sea"


I saw him again, meditating as usual, staring at the sea.

Sitting in the warm sand but this time he saw me.

He invited me to sit down, and I wondered, “What’s his story?”

He said, “Sit down and enjoy this morning‘s glory.”

Although he was a young man, I knew he had been through many things.

He seemed like a golden eagle eager to open its wings.


Even though we did not say anything to each other.

We felt at peace and felt like we knew one another. 

In his eyes, I see he is a humble man that tries to help anyone he can.

Even though he tries to do good; he is always being misunderstood.

No one knows why he is always staring at the sea.

Maybe there is something only he can see.


Then I realized and understood.

The very thing that everyone misunderstood.

I stood up and was going to say my goodbyes.  

But before I did, he was gone in a blink of an eye.

Now I understood that in order for me to be set free.

I need to find my soul that is lost at sea.

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