An Open Letter to Women of the World


United States
43° 10' 50.4408" N, 71° 50' 0.294" W

You are loved.

Forget what mama said

when she was angry

because you didn’t agree.

Turn away from that

boyfriend you had,

the one who broke 
your heart and promised

no one would love you
like he did.

Ignore those sores

in your heart

and lumps of ice

in the pit of your stomach

that whisper what

you take for sad truths—

you are not, nor will you ever be,
alone in this world. 

You are beautiful.

I’m so sick of everyone

caring how you dress

or what you do with your body hair

because damn,

you are beautifully flawed

and you deserve to be

told how wonderful you are

every minute of every day. 

Get lost in the sparkle

of your own eyes, 
in the simple softness

of your own secret skin,

and in the natural shape

of your womanhood. 

You are special, unique,
one-of-a-kind, and irreplaceable.

You shine, the

most precious of diamonds,

because you are you

and no one could ever compare. 

Be the light of your own life,

the heroine of your adventure,

love interest and sassy sidekick

and devious villainous femme-fatale

all rolled into one glorious YOU. 
You are the greatest

and you deserve all the best 
the world has to offer

and nothing you could

ever do will make me think less.

Surround yourself with people who care.

Take delight in birds singing.

Learn the lost art of self-esteem. 

Swim naked in the river of life. 

Sing long and loud, raise your voice.

Teach yourself to love recklessly.

Embrace your inner sex goddess, then LET HER OUT.

Explore what makes you tick.

Go to the movies alone and laugh out loud.

Be ambitious and fight for your dreams.

Most of all,

never lose sight of who you are.

Because in my eyes you are

every superlative imaginable,

every compliment you’ve ever

received, a million times over. 

Thank you, for being you.


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