Being Girl

Snap, Crackle, Sizzle, and Pop


Not the Keebler elves that make us body conscious


but the imprinting of inferiority on your forehead


Your definition of girl is so Emily Post


Thousands of years since Confucius promoted the oppression of wife


But our expectations are still to be good hosts


I want to joust with the hollow armor of chivalry


and spit shine rusted concave metal until they can see


it’s 2013 and old white men still determine future life


How do they get a say when they can feel our strife?


XY can’t say anything about my XX


Double crossing my rights like ignoring laws


It’s time for Riot Grrrl 2.0 and to trap them in our jaws


the way we are in their testosterone cages


Because girl still means prim proper pop loving and pulchritudinous


Pretty petty preppy peppy and pageantry


The definition of girl has only updated in the last century


to further please the male eye


But it should be corrected to we can do what we please and it’s just fine


Never being afraid to be different and never wanting to cry


because that boy over there just violated your body with his eyes


To you it means make up cover up and hide yourself


But to me being girl is simply about expressing oneself


This screwed up patriarchal kingdom was built on battered bodies and trash


There is no being free, only being objectified to live in luxury


It’s still a world where no one really wins


The pain of female past I can still feel like hot coals beneath my skin


How can we break free of these set paths when we can’t turn the page


It makes me scream primal and beat against my ribcage


We have a stage, we have power and a cause


Just no audience to applause



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