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By now in life you have faced some demons; Learned the corners and closets to avoid.                               You coddle your innocence In the soft and cuddly things around you.  
When I was young, Had I heard your voice, I'd have said, You were a queer. Someone said, That in the Bible, Those like you were bad. Those like me were good.
As I stand at this gateway I think of heaven In my head it is framed As a world with no enemy A world with a perfect God A world colored gold by faith
Day in and out, we speak of Diversity, Commend Creativity, Condemn pure Consistency.  We dream of a world full of Abnormality, Homosexuality,  When, in Reality, 
Dear Mom,
I felt him rise from his deep slumber The new day shall begin as the old day is numbered   He felt me gravitate towards the light I felt the need to be free but it was too bright  
Dear P,
Sweet fruit, Forbidden fruit, I shall ignore god's warning, For to taste ambrosia I shall sin ten-thousand times more. I cannot resist the serpent, Nor do I think I would so desire.  
Love is slow and painful, but it accelerates as you lose the one you love.
you say it's such pretty hair i am concealed from the person i want to be one day i must be myself it's a feeling i have deeply within me   hide every aspect of yourself
girl is sensual,girl likes sitting on a washing machinewith her mascara mouth openchanting something she learned in a pop song.  
my body remembers yours. I see film stills of the small imprint  of a heart against the flushed skin  of your neck, where the necklace  had pushed against your breath. i went to church once, and you are 
god wears a necklace with a thin gold chain and "julia" written in script, a name clutched in the hollow of a sunkissed throat.  god wears a soft blue skirt with
Meaning to my existence flees from me Must I decide from various notions When decisions are my own cup of tea Based on preference, not by promotions
Should he choose to stay for me I'll look at him and wonder  Will his love be for me to keep, Or tear my heart asunder?  
Raised by fear, fueled by hatred.You believed without question,That you had been told the truth,
I am not broken Because I need things to be just right, Because I worry about the little things, Because my fears are unrealistic. I am not broken, you just don’t understand.   I am not broken
Why is my love
Why must we hide Why must we apologize Why must we be criticized For who we are inside   I see no reason to lie People are monsters Hating those who just want   To love  
  His hands are porcelain plates
You ask me if this was my choice, so I ask you the same
"Do close your eyes and awaken from the pain Re-read the tears separated from rain Mi, only mi, will tell you when your sane," Father has told me, once and again.
The difference between you and me
Disregard the color of the skin that you see on each person, Forget that they are either male or female, Who are they? Are they someone who lives a daily life? What does it really matter?
If I could change anything I would change a dad’s mind I would make him still love By choice; not just to be kind   If I could change anything I would change those who stare
The 21st century- a time of technology and innovation But what good is this with unhappy people around the nation? Body image and mind are sparesely accepted Nobody wants to feel rejected "Homosexuality is a sin!"
Love is patient Love is kind We are made in the image of God Love conquers hate Love makes us human Love your neighbor as yourself   Evil is wrong Evil is sinful
Living as different people, different species manages to dictate our lives somehow.
Oh, the Confused as they call me in my home In my head stuck inside, raping my outs with lies Provoking the truth , basking in youth
He tells me he's gay and watches my face. "Well?" he says.   A thousand thoughts flash through my head, But they come down to this: I am not his father.    If I were, I might ask "why?"
Catholic school does a number on a child, He never knows what to believe. Dear God, that woman in the habit she rapped my fingers time and time again when I’d take the Lord’s name in vain,
Turning the tables what could that be like? Would you be the one crying all night? Would you wake up wishing you could just stop opening your eye’s yeah I wonder what would that be like? Do you?
we didn’t start off as the hours on the phone type. both of us were completely comfortable in our own awkward silence. time was spent doing nothing most days. but it became something when beside her.
In the winter, I felt something strange I made angels in my admiration Expecting it to melt away And in the Spring, The flowers began to bloom My imagination like a bee, Budding feelings made me see,
Shhhh! Do not you dare compare him to I! For he was not born within a skin that does not comply. I am beautiful, of this I have no doubt, But this is a fact, not a way to stand out.
Orphaned at birth Give him to a druggie Giver her an abuser As long as their not gay Not some faggot fairy Who will corrupt the kids So what if two men Two women love They're homo
How naive are we to believe that the civil rights movement is over? Is it because we can all vote for our presidents? Because no black man has to fear a master, running away from the screams?
I look around at the world of which I'm a part of, and then I always ask a simple question: Where is all the love? I cannot be at peace when people are not free. This is not how we were meant to be.
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