It All Begins With Mi


"Do close your eyes and awaken from the pain
Re-read the tears separated from rain
Mi, only mi, will tell you when your sane,"
Father has told me, once and again.

"So if by chance you think you're right
Later in life you'll suffer in plight
Till the end of your years, you'll live in fright
Do not think you'll lose this overnight..."

Remember, I will of the days of two suns
Missing their moons; no balance, one runs
Far she runs into the dwindling light
So fragile a soul, a being of such might

Last thing I think of as darkness overruns-
Tears in a basket, honey buns
Doing nothing at all to put out the fire
Reading on ways to unearth the true liar.

Me, just sitting there asking how much
Father could really stand a lady's touch
Soft returning, will that bring love back?
Later, will it turn out it was for something I lack...

Till then I hadn't noticed what will keep them apart
"Do not blame yourself, we've loved you from the start,"
Return I must, they needed gravity.
Mi, mental illness, serendipity...that's Me.


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