The Differences Between You and Me


The difference between you and me

Is the kind of beauty we see in other things.

You see light in the sun and warm sand

I find treasures in the dusty pavement and cold.


You find luxury in the possession of new things

While I scurry into packages of clay that I had in a box.

Not only in the beauty of the beholder can the difference be seen

But in the love I have for people that in church is considered sin.


You see, you and me

We are far away from each other.

You look for love, cutting edge well pointed on the corner.

I live inside the square that is dark and lonely.

Forbidden to state what my heart wants to grow old with.

There is a quick lash that can be whipped if discovered,

the practice of the old age isn’t gone, it is still considered modern.


The differences between me and you

You can hold hands in public with your partner.

I have to stay somewhere hidden

And lie until she is tired and tells me it’s over.


The difference between us both,

To be quite honest we are equal.

Our pain and love is no greater than the other

I wish more people would notice.





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