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An untold story finds itself, dusty That childhood story you once knew Peeking out on the shelf Holding Brother's Grimm Tales of the Billy Goats Gruff And Cinderella
Many times we get hurt my words Wether we be diffrent or just nerds  We carry much sadness and pain To what extent will we ever gain We often thank we are alone  And often we complain with a groan
The shadow of the candle flame flickers against the wall. Rhythmic melodies and beats creep their way into the ears.
Oh how far I've come
Broad shoulders, But not broad enough. Can't carry those burdens as big as boulders.  
All I need is the opportunity, I seek the help offered to me. All I want is to change a life. I need not strife.
Since I was a child I can remember always staring into space for a while, Always thinking of something creative to write in a way to express my deepest emotions,
We enter this world ready to learn and grow, Each of us vulnerable to information we do not yet know. While some are blessed with strong bonds and foundations from the start,
To dream about a job Is what a child always does I've dreamt about many ranging from a Vet to a Doc   For me it seems It's not really a dream job
He’s stupid, she’s ugly, they’re weird Judgments we hear and face everyday Some hide who they are, living in a facade Some ignore the voices, but slowly are dismantled
As he watched him He begins to change He knew he couldn't be the same man until he achnolewdged who he was   He wanted to change change was much more than appearance
School is the key to life, The guidance to success, But our school is different from the rest. Where is the unity & the fun, Where is the helping hand of mother nun. Lets stop trying to cover the tracks,
    Life has taught me to be strong, I have learned right from wrong. I'm planning on bettering myself, Making a mental wealth.   I promise you Life will become easier,
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