Broken Dreams of Education


School is the key to life,

The guidance to success,

But our school is different from the rest.

Where is the unity & the fun,

Where is the helping hand of mother nun.

Lets stop trying to cover the tracks,

And just teach us the facts.

Every school has a failure.

But why should we give up?

Because we could overcome those failures if we consider:

What about that child that doesn't know his ABC's or his 1,2,3's?

That child that strugglin' to make it 

That child that wants to fit in ,but is told that he is not good enough

That child that has been passed and shipped from school to school and from grade to grade, only because the system has given up on him and the teachers are tired of caring, .... tired of trying

What about that child that dying inside and your carelessness helps kill the rest of his pride

That child that see better for himself be see or knows no help

That child that wakes up day to day forcing himself to smile because he refused to let the devil take a way his last bit of joy , no matter what comes his way.

Do you see that child? 

Hiding behind the bushes of the school, or as quiet as a mouse, is he just a student that has to make it on his own but feel as if he is imaginary to others.

What do you do?

Do you make him feel as if he should give up,

Or do you grab his hand not letting him go, showing him that you care and his success is there?

Stop worrying about the school ranking and how good the school name is to others,

Start considering the students that your school is helping to create.

ROCK on Jackets in your boat,

But DON'T forget those who can't float!


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