The Importance Of Being Thankful


Many times we get hurt my words

Wether we be diffrent or just nerds 

We carry much sadness and pain

To what extent will we ever gain

We often thank we are alone 

And often we complain with a groan

But what of those who have none

Who don't have eyes to see the sun

To those who don't have a mom or dad 

And to we who do, shouldn't we be glad?

To the clothes and things we wish for

And the needy that we often ignore 

Our minds and hears often desire

But what of those who stand in the midst of the fire

To those who wish only for some

Water, food, or just a crumb 

We overlook the smallest of beauty 

But isn't helping others in life our duty?

 We long to make a change

But to put away our pride is so stange 

How long will we cry and complain

Instead of helping orphans and those with a cane 

We often forget how blessed we are 

We long for new things like a car 

To see the sun rise every day 

Is a privelage that can be taken away 

We tend not to think of a bad fate 

But what happens if it's too late?

Too late to go back and be humble 

Because all this time we've done nothing but stumble 

How long must we complain by how much things cost?

Instead of feeling with others who have lost 


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