Right and Wrong

Thu, 10/31/2013 - 19:36 -- Keeaira




Life has taught me to be strong,

I have learned right from wrong.

I'm planning on bettering myself,

Making a mental wealth.


I promise you

Life will become easier,

I am now a high school senior.

I’ve noticed more kids are being diagnosed with depression.

Helping teens will become my profession.


I want to better their world.

For me,

That will be my goal.

I will feel better as a whole.


What you might not know

Is that I am one of those kids

Who has been diagnosed with depression.

This is why I want to help others as my profession.


Their life will become easier,

As will mine.

I want to make our future children kind.

I want to teach them to be strong,

And know what is right from wrong.

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