'Gun Violence'

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Another gun, another shot, another bullet flies Another place, another wound, another person dies Another paper’s headline, another claim of disbelief Another time of sorrow, and another family’s grief
The people can't hear me  They use and abuse me for violence  If I could talk They'd hear me  Instead they hear the loud echo of screams that shoot out my muzzle
I Normal Talking Quiet discussion waiting for the bell Homeward Bound   II A bell Alarm
Racism is an everlasting problem that will never end People are blinded  And so close-minded That they will always play pretend
You ready I'm ready You ready I'm ready  Ok   I'm Mr.Freeze because I'm in an icebox I freeze up on stage I'll die of shock
I wouldn’t be surprisedIf I ever diedDue to arms belonging to my own kind But I know before I dieOnce I pray the pain subsidesI’ll have everything on my mind
Shells flying through tranquil sectors,Men falling like uprooted trees,Bullets shrieking their names,Irrespective of beliefs or nationality.
What is love, is it free for everyone Or is it ethereal and abhored What is love, is it a birthright ignored Or is it a gift granted by the Son  
Trying to leave a city behind is harder than it seems Going too far away from home is like the sun's gleam on his wings Father warning him not to leave, but he has a trick up his sleeves
When you are stuck in place, frozen in time and space, playing words on an endless loop like a broken record 
Bang, Bang  Gang, gang gugGaat, that's what we hear in music, right? Media, why do people think it's tight? when there are school shootings   Death, it is no joke
Crack, boom, pop The news ricochets around the room like a bullet It explodes in our ears Crack, boom, pop Right near the playground The report says
Out of the corner of my brainI see it marching in.The dictator over all million little things:Fear.    When fear arrives, the million little things wandering in my mindgo into hiding.They try to surrender.They take their own lives.They are shot do
Every life that is lost is a critical concern, yet people end them so easily. A life is nothing to play with. Bodies drop every second, including the seconds it took you to read this.
Why must we live like dogs hunting our prey Why must we fight when we can build Why must we harrass each other like cowards when inside we are crying Guns cruel weapons that we use to fix things
Everyday i live in fear that school will no longer be school Instead it will be a warzone, a one sided war People running like their life depends on it Because it does.
I yelled today and I’m not proud of it   I yelled Not at my neighbor, not at my teacher, not at my friend Not at my brother and definitely not at my mother
My parents tell me that as a little girlI picked up paper money and yelled “Mom look at this pretty cardboard!”
I walk into school Just an ordinary day Thats when I see him On the ground I lay   He screams to “Not Move” I stand paralyzed in fear A gunshot goes off behind me
Pick up your guns, lad And right how they've wronged you For they taught you fear, and that violence will fix it   Pick up your guns, lad And take away your pains
Gay Straight Black White Man Woman Jewish Muslim Elder Child Injustice is everywhere Sylvan Simon, Pittsburgh Hannah Ahlers, Las Vegas
The Coffee Cup  The coffee cup sits on the cherry wood table, steaming with fresh black coffee. The mug shakes as angry footsteps stomp into the kitchen.
For the victims, I’m sorry. I’m sorry because your country has failed you, as it has failed countless others before you, and unless we make changes
The only times my theater class is ever quiet is during lockdowns.  
Where I draw the line between us all Between killing and revenge, the hurt, and the dead This is the deadline, no one should have to cross
How many more kids have to die? How many families have to cry? When will the U.S. open their damn eyes? No matter how many children ask there parents why their best friends couldn't still be alive.
The church bells all are clanging Like the beating of a drum, But still my heart feels empty Like a sky without a sun   I tried to call the warden To show him what I’d done
Elaine Jane, Born to poor dropouts, yet still had a brain. Might not swing hammer, still moved from Alabama, Almost killed by a school shooter manna’
Twisted thoughts on relevance,  Lost in the pinging,  Of  bullets hitting concrete,  Hitting you,  Hittine me,  Students scared to learn,  To live,  To simply be, 
I’m here on the scene With a crying black mother If you look to your left There’s a hoodie on the ground painted with blood Painted with bullet holes and red stains
I pledge allegiance to the flag that protects our country, of the United States of America where blood is spilled, ‘and to the republic for which people die, for which it stands
The scariest things in school should be my test scores. Ask yourself, is a child worth more than a gun? The answer should be obvious.
He claimed he didn’t know, He swore he was in danger, Or was it just his mind? The way he was portraying the color to himself, As just a color…  
Scarlet feathers soar through the clouds, by the mating of lead and flesh. Leading the future to arise, To walk upon their paths in pride. Tis' their destiny to commit, the march that others feared and quit.
Lying awake in the night  Holding onto my pillow Another sleepless night This gets dense Can't help but think about the crazy gun violence When did it become alright  To see a child holding a gun 
The clock strikes 12 on another day The white flag with streaking Blood red lines And miniature stars Waves obliviously in the background
Is it finally time to talk about it? Have enough children died that we can finally talk about it? What if it had been your children, your family, your friends? Then would it be time to talk about it?  
Eros, son of Ares and Aphrodite With shattered bow, and broken hearts in tow Weeping, among the silence, Of once beating hearts, No longer enchanted by love’s arrows.   War plagued that day,
Shout So loud the walls shake and the paint chips off in little pieces Decorating the blood on the floors And the blood in the hands of those who allow a child to possess a rifle
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