How many more kids have to die

How many more kids have to die?
How many families have to cry?
When will the U.S. open their damn eyes?
No matter how many children ask there parents why their best friends couldn't still be alive.
Gun violence shoots bullets high.
To many kids are saying good bye.
Kids walk into school with anxiety in their eyes,
asking for reasons why.
Yet adults turn a blind eye.
Who's going to hold your kid when they die.
School is for education, no one should go with hesitation if they'll make it to graduation,
but instead die trying.
We want our school back,
we want our needs met,
Where are all the damn adults at?
Hats off to the government, the kids are starting to stand up and fight back.
Having walk out and rallies,
Trying to make a difference
maybe someone will listen.
Mental illness is a thing,
It's not for attention grasping.
Teach the kids about these things, it should be part of their education,
Yet we teach them to keep quite.
After all you never know who's judging.
It makes my heart sink... so fucking deep.
We can't be misconceived,
look how much were capable to achieve.
Other generations can't feel the pain.
We have to deal with all there mistakes.
I'm tired of watching other kids breath be taken away.
I'm tired of being afraid...
So here's to a future generation full of change.

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My country
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