Is it finally time to talk about it?

Is it finally time to talk about it?

Have enough children died that we can finally talk about it?

What if it had been your children, your family, your friends?

Then would it be time to talk about it?


It is finally time to talk about it.

Enough children have died we NEED to talk about it.

We're losing our future while we sit on our hands.

There's more blood on the floors than children in the football stands.


We HAVE to talk about it.


Solutions are presented,

The line in the sand has been drawn.

We know what to do, and while the children stand strong

We sit and we watch and we hear . . . and I hope we listen . . .

And stand to be counted with those on the right side of history.


We know how to end this.

Enough children have died.

It's time to talk about it.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



people need to talk about it

Need to talk?

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