Twisted thoughts on relevance, 

Lost in the pinging, 

Of  bullets hitting concrete, 

Hitting you, 

Hittine me, 

Students scared to learn, 

To live, 

To simply be, 

For your right to bear, 

To be bling, 

To be this so called free, 

Yes, you trap us in your private battle, 

To feel more armed, 

And less human, 

And more renegade, 

Because it will save you, 

It defines you, 

Your passion for the metal, 

It shows the fear you reside in, 

That we die in, 

That we run in, 

So we lock the doors to our community, 

So that we lock down our schools, 

All because your law, 

Covers your completely, 

And heavily arms our fools. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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