For Thursday's Victims

Elaine Jane,

Born to poor dropouts, yet still had a brain.

Might not swing hammer, still moved from Alabama,

Almost killed by a school shooter manna’

Daddy’s gonna kill ‘em if he ain’t in the slamma’


Rebecca Marceca,

Almost dead, scared to live for foreva.

Lives her life now in her room,

Won’t even go out, says it’s too soon

Although at least she’s not too much of a loon


Claire Blair,

Just at the right when and where.

Used to tease him in her old tree house,

Blaming herself now, timid and scared as a mouse

Feeling as though she made violence arouse.


Louis Lorenzo,

Good at football, his grades were not as much so.

Though I guess it doesn’t matter now,

His victories would’ve put him into any university they’d allow.

But he was bad at everything else- how?


Leonarda Loretta,

Was adopted by white folks, born in Calcutta.

Shot and killed in cold blood,

Fell on the floor with a thud,

Wiped his feet on her, she died with her face partly covered in crud.


Mina Sabrina,

She had no comment on the fate of her friend Marina.

She used to hang out with her friends,

Until a few came to their ends,

The teacher’s lounge was a godsend.


Augustus Claudius,

Born to Mary and Julius.

Got off lucky, was in a locked class.

But he’s going to funerals en masse,

And waiting for some of the fear to pass.


Zachary Achary,

Thought that a killer in his school was quackery.

Until it happened in happenstance,

Zack took his chance,

And bolted, not stopping to glance.


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