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Sometimes I feel like I don't give myself the credit that I deserve, Because I always get back on track when things get tough, when others would not have the nerve.
Looking down over the edge, trying to make a not make a tough decision,  Trying to remind myself there there is more too life than this vision. The thoughts in my head are not true,
Sitting in front of the door with the tears streaming down my face, Knowing that there is no way that I can get out of this dark place. Just as I thought things were turning around, life decides to take a turn,
Sometimes the best thing you can do is let go of what you know is no good for you, But, even though it is the best, it is also the hardest thing that you have to do.
This back and fourth bullshit from you is something that I told myself I would never deal with, But I decided that when it comes to you, I can't deal with it anymore, and I have decided to plead the fifth.
You keep trying to piss me off with the games that you play, But I don't think you realize who you are dealing with, and that I can go all day. You want to slam doors, and you think that I am going to go back and fourth with you,
I always thought that being alone was a sad thing, But that was before I knew about all the joy that it could bring. As time has gone on, I have gotten more and more used to being alone,
The best way that I can explain life is that it is like a thread, And the length of your string all depends on what you went through and the words that were said.
For the longest time I kept blaming myself, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why was I never goo enough for anyone? Was there something wrong with me that I wasn't able to see?
I have never been one that was actually able to say that I love who I am, I would always allow people to treat me like crap, and I always pretended that I didn't give a damn.
How do you win the same battle when you don't think that you have anymore fight? And when it seems like you have to give up because it seems like you can't do anything right?
She is ample long, luxurious locks that unlock me plentiful, sloping curves that my tongue skiis down she provides rich milk nourishing my pounding heart soft, plump lips whispering
All these bitches delirious I said, “could you be serious?” They all be acting mysterious But In my bedroom, you don’t hear of this I said, “Get on the floor!” She said, “Give me some more!”
Fuck me Ass Kicking Pumps   I once read a poem about shoes; that one shouldn't wear fuck me pumps but rather combat boots to stomp all over the patriarchy.   But I disagree.  
I'm your pretty standard emo, I have cuts all down my arms. I wear all black a lot, And my writing's pretty dark. People don't appreciate, My negative attitude. The way I wear my beanie,
I needed your love.Your love to help me.Help me overcome these insecurities.Instead I don't receive what I'm seeking for.
p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }a:link { } I want to speak with Dean In drug laced ecstasy, beatification grasping him Holy saint of sin On the Road again I want to speak to Carlo
It goes in one ear and out the other.  
My pussy is sticky with dirty thoughts of you My mind is slippery with puddles of what could be true My soul is trippy, it possesses the glee and the gloom And my heart is iffy on whether or not I should dive into you
You see the sign, it says stop You're obedient so you have no choice but to halt You look through the window, you fall in love with the cat on the neighbour's roof top You feel she's the only one who can give you the lot
Regrets come back hunting you when you have failed in your tasks Then you try to move forward by wearing a mask There's no room to step backward, it's too late, it's dark. You thought you'd do anything and never lose her
My Right Hand Man Always by my side Sometimes I think I can’t do something but then remind myself that I can
Your man suppose to show you off like a prize, You should never be something to hide. He keep playing with your emotions , Like you a bear and he just poking. They'll tell you op shit like he can get any bitch,
Throw me on the bed and rip my clothes off. Give me hella head and force my legs apart. Put it in slow and then fuck my brains out. Cum and sweat all over, I shake and shout.  
It's getting ridiculous just to look at your fuckin face. Without trying to face this case of my heart Sweet like some fuckin pop-tart I ate for Breakfast.
Everyone struggles Yet no one Gives a flying fuck   Tearing at my soul Are the words "I never loved you."   Salty drops fall as She loses Her composure  
you are not inclined to touch  i am not inclined to kiss he is all too close to perfect    
My life has been hidden by a set of horizontal blinds.
All these haters observin’ me. Colliding their trash, an attempt to murder me. But these niggas haven’t even heard of me. Ill kill you off verbally. Destroy your life emotionally. Disturb your soul mentally.
Those words go deep as you toy with my heart and emotions My very essence being ripped out and examined by vermin like you Looking for any weakness like being too nice to speak out against the torment
You thought you could take me You thought you could break me All the things you said The things you wished would go to my head Congrats  
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