My Right Hand Man

My Right Hand Man

Always by my side

Sometimes I think I can’t do something but then remind myself that I can

Looking into the reflection of the gray, and pale water, displaying to me only my isolated reflection. I know this reflection has lied.

Countless times, together we open these island coconuts, with their sweet and white liquid oozing down us.

Paddling along the water in our self made canoe

Together we had woven all the trash we found on the seashore

You told me at first to eat it, but I knew it wasn’t food

We are always laughing and joking but I always felt I wanted more

You have been there since the beginning, you are practically my brother, together we shared a womb

I can’t imagine a time you weren’t there, never a pat on the back but alas I understood

Paddling together, side by side in this isolated lagoon

What could I do without you?! I cant even imagine because us separating? We never would

One day, looking across the moonlit grove, 

I knew I needed you 

But to me, is where you would inevitably move

First pushing away the sweat staining my face whilst us both nude

You slowly moved down my neck into the folds of my tensed exterior 

Just as you held the ore in our homemade canoe

You grabbed me, and held me, all of me, even the parts most inferior 

It was then I realized that you were all I needed on this death sentence of a place

Because then in that moment, it was just like we were enjoying the sweet and slippery ooze

As we were both in that same embrace

You are always right, and because of this, you never lose

You can never leave me

Because on a deserted island, all I have is you.

Because at the end of the day, standing here as a man,

All I really have is my right hand

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