Money Launderer (Funny rap verse)

All these bitches delirious

I said, “could you be serious?”

They all be acting mysterious

But In my bedroom, you don’t hear of this

I said, “Get on the floor!”

She said, “Give me some more!”

Baby mama call me papi because I’m in control

So she listens real good so I know she understood

She just lays there and looks at me begging (2x) for wood

I know that I would, but the question is if I should?

She was waiting for the right moment to steal all she could

What a manipulating soul!

Only cares to steal my rolls

To buy her all the latest fashions to look like a troll

All she wants is my money

Now let’s not be funny…

Since she emptied my bank account and started to count the amounts

Now she flaunts it, owns it, and she didn’t even earn it

I should have taken the cash only (2x) to burn it

I knew she was fraudulent, vicious, and careless

A true sinner who never went hairless

I need to dethrone her as she is not my heiress

But I cannot be fooled after all these years of school

I had two more hidden bank accounts, I personally moved

All these bitches want more money

Do not even dare call me honey

As I know all your intentions, so you lost my attention!


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