I'm Your Pretty Standard Emo

I'm your pretty standard emo,

I have cuts all down my arms.

I wear all black a lot,

And my writing's pretty dark.

People don't appreciate,

My negative attitude.

The way I wear my beanie,

And just want to sit and brood.


I'm your pretty standard emo,

I want to kill myself,

People don't like the way,

I handle my mental health.

I'm forced to take pills,

prescribed by the most ignorant of bigots.

I hate the chills they give me,

Like death shaped like a nugget.


I'm your pretty standard emo,

Kids like to hit and tease me.

They don't know how it hurts,

as they laugh in rounds besides me.

So now I'm sitting in my bed,

While the most dangerous of thoughts race inside my head.

And oh, look, what's this?

Them pills have killed me dead.

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