Sun, 02/11/2018 - 22:21 -- wmarc

I needed your love.
Your love to help me.
Help me overcome these insecurities.
Instead I don't receive what I'm seeking for.

You left me.
Left me to struggle with these insecurities as I battle.
Battle to love myself.
As you slightly press your lips against the her milk chocolate body, you begin to taste her fluids.

Fluids that brings a burning sensation to your heart as you continue to drink.
Her beauty is magnificent an appealing to not only you but your eyes as well.
You begin to caress an ease her body till she begins to clench.

Clench the powerful sheets of your organs.
You begin to caress her inner thighs with your tongue.
She gasp for air and moans for relief as her juices begin to emanate onto your mouth.

I could smell the husky scent on your taste buds.
The fumes begins to ablaze the insides of my nostrils.
The feeling becomes intense. Intense to the point where you become drowsy an your words start to slur.
Not giving a dam that she's slowly killing you.

Killing you with her sexual an seducive ways.
She begins to seduce you while you swallow her fluids.

Face it your addicted.
Addicted to what she brings to your state of mind.
She fucked you so good that you can't turn back an walk away. She's dangerous an deadly.

Her name is "alcohol".

This poem is about: 
My family


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