Not what I want.... Or is It. (WARNING EXPLICIT MATERIAL)

Thu, 03/19/2015 - 20:51 -- Mamouth

It's getting ridiculous just to look at your fuckin face.

Without trying to face this case of my heart Sweet like some fuckin pop-tart I ate for Breakfast.

You know I Has-to ask this but why with your pretty skin the color of some fuckin mocha some white bitch orders at a starbucks Don't you see through all these lame fucks.

Bring you around to me bitch. Stop beatin round the bush like George and come in fix this itch. Except it's not on my back it's in my fucking chest. No please don't give me an incriminateing test you know I love you.

Walk with you to class carry your books and pens. Tends to make me a bit more clingy and if it gets to bad im sorry it just makes me feel fucking rad when Im given your attention not from some question in which im asked.

Tasked with finding what you. What you want. No stop with your taunt quit plaing games sames as these that children be playing. Saying what's on my mind to you is just strange and im chokeing up

then some old white bitch in imediate dange-r. I swear i can change if that's all you want. Just tell me what to do. In that black top you flaunt makes me explode...... Fuck kiss me already.....

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