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Bad Chemistry   Ill start class Pipette my past into clear glass We’re centrifuging Separating by Density My density, 
I see light, a structure of cards and the rolling dice The face of the dice is only exposed once the structure falls and by luminous observation I see the face and count
My particles buzz In vibrations. I’m trying to keep myself a solid, But I’m slipping down to absolute zero. My structure is hapless within
It always comes back to you, you know. The center of it all, the center of me comes Back to you
Protons, ideal gasses, and so much more With this knowledge one could open many doors The slightest change could mean something new Such as an acid to water brew I find it amazing how things react
Located deep within an abyssI reach for my lab gogglesFor they would be the only thing I would miss   They are always on my headOr sleeping next to meRight beside my bed  
Your smooth hands adorned my ivory curves as though you've never had someone to love and love you back. You followed the trail of my veins and sent electricity through my joints.
I. I am fascinated by numbers I have an affinity for numbers.   I have written him 71 pages of poems. 14675 words and counting 2462 stanzas 3241 lines mounting. Upon each other like
Calculus, Chemistry, will this endless tide of homework ever stop?
And the universe,   We are told,   Was born from gases and implosions   Energy chaotic and uncontrollable   Collided as atoms  
I feel like I'm addicted to you...I am consistently high on your kiss, your touch, your hot breath on my neck. The way your chest beats to the drum of the heaviness in your voice when you moan out to me.
As long as I can remember, I have tried to compose love like a chemical formula with me as the main component: mixing different elements of a relationship, always using the wrong variables, never reaching that perfection I was searching for.
When I find myself among a sea of negative ions, Forcing, pushing, trying to keep distance, Repelling from my indistinguished negative charge, You are a positive ion. You could say I am attracted to you.
Trembling, he sits and waits for the news. Something terrible happened. His mother had called him in the middle Of a chemistry test, His favorite class. “Tyler,” she had said “I need you, come home.”
Experiment with metals like chrome Experiment with chemicals like foam Plese try to have fun Clean up when you're done And please try not to blow up your home
Here I sit, once again, pondering why Why did I take this class? Am I crazy? I tap and tutter, releasing a sigh. I don't understand; study more, lazy. Chemistry, O Chemistry, thou art death.
I say science, and they see an endless stringof binary code and digits in single file,test tubes and lab ratsand my eyes dead like mindlessness, likea love of creationcan be muddied up
Fate's been kind to lead me here So far, so close to childhood home Three years gone an eon ago No sign of that boy is left to show   Two graves were dug, one loved, one not
Long hours at the lab Titrations and creations In my very own world
Shapes fill my mind,  subatomically created. And somehow, I find, this is all I've ever wanted. When I think love, oxytocin fills my mind. Then when that child is dying, crying, trying.
I dream of flying not in the sky, but in the way that a dream soaring far above our heads can lift our feet into the air. I dream of meaning something. Not to myself
One job is my dream, to isolate proteins or identify phosphenes; I shut my eyes tight and watch all the dancing lights that are bursting chemicals.   Study electrons
He's white and tan and blond smoldering blue eyes He plays baseball, a star jock   She's black, well brown-skinned actually Her hair is jet black and shiny, Shoulder length and gloriously curly
L: is for the losers who have no heart O : is for the only thing that keeps us apart V: is vivacious you look each night E: is every time I think of you it is hindsight  
Chemistry, man. Maybe it should be ban. Nah, I love that class. Its the most badass. Secretly, I'm a fan.
Dazed in the classroomJust barely still awakeThe teacher droning on and onHow much of this can I take? No fun games, no interaction No matrices or chemical reactionsJust poetry by Emerson and Poe
Innocent people being hooked on the blue book, becoming dull robots that speak in code; it comes in your sleep taking your intellect like a crook, by bribing you with a new mode.
Roses are dumb Violets are fake Chemistry doth no f*cking sense make
(Chorus) Started from the atom—now we're here. Started from the atom—now my whole compound's bonded here! Started from the atom—now we're here. Started from the atom—now my whole compound's bonded here!
The first day I met you, my love, the leaves were starting to turn red. You came to me from the mouth of a man with glasses and a British accent. You were a word. "Chemistry."
I look at you and the chemistry happens.Your perfect image is flung across my retina, seductively easing its way into my optic nerves. And when it hits me I flip-flop with your picture and my brain goes mad.
0A1l0l1 n0a1t0u1r0e1, 0S1p0l1i0t l1i0k1e0 c1a0p1p0i1l0a1r0i1e0s i1n0t1o0 t1h0e1 u0n1k0n1o0w1n0, 0W1h0e1r0e t1h0e1r0e m1a0y e1x0i1s0t h1o0p1e 0a1n0d 1e0x1c0i1t0e1m0e1n0t,
This, is deeper than the fourth period-- Sorrowful Story, Something Strong But it seems like my definition of my metal was wrong Abuse: He used his strength the wrong way; Mommy! His angry transition,
A proton and neutron In an atom. No way? Discovered in a cathode ray, Were electrons. Unlike protons, Contain a negative charge Though are not large. A proton in an atom
The test tubes bubble in the silence, Their toxic heartbeat strong and loud. Cabinets like sentries frame the wall, Stiff-backed, tall and proud. Atop these, Einstein glares down, Shunning imitation human brains
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