bad chemistry

Bad Chemistry


Ill start class

Pipette my past into clear glass

We’re centrifuging

Separating by Density

My density, 

reflecting back at me


A Chemical breakdown

Family, Ex’s, enemies

Each paired with an obscenity

Reaction and product

Pyrex pooling with antipathy

A venom,


get… it 

off of me

Why would I

We live Symbiotically

Oh wait, thats biology.

Back to chemistry


Violitility is a tendency 

You wouldnt believe 

what it does to me


Steam dissipates

see it vapourize

Formic acid,

On a bunson

And *deep inhale*

while the vapors rise

Its morphin time




Honey and i get heated,

Coucldnt tell you how it started, 

Couldn't tell you how it happened.



Fog, i can’t wipe off my glasses

overBoiled madness

with Every word, my sugar burns

boiled over malice,

Now Class, 

I just made molasses


That day you could feel the tension in the air

You know the type,

Thick enough you could slice

Thick enough you could dice

Spice it, Saute it,

Fuckin.. serve it with some Rice

Silence cutting through the night/

All alone, in bed, with what was unsaid

Like the Joker laying in his knives

*deep breath*

this sharp tongues’

Always Unsheathed

It does not sleep

Everytime i speak

It Leaves serrations 

in my teeth


This villany’s other ability is to avoid any and all accountability 

To me Being agreeable just isn't reasonable

I’ll skip the sequel and the trilogy/

part four, Darfur


lapse of the memory


this racing minds’

on overtime

its running laps

losing energy

going off track, 

this keeps happening/

With that, its a wrap

Thats Step 1

in breaking Bonds

Today's lesson, in Bad Chemistry./

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