Ionic Bond

When I find myself among a sea of negative ions,
Forcing, pushing, trying to keep distance,
Repelling from my indistinguished negative charge,
You are a positive ion.
You could say I am attracted to you.

Because this ionic bond
That we form when we are together
Won’t break for even a chemical reaction.

This electrostatic attraction
Has insane lattice energy
Born-Haber can’t calculate its potential

A potential spawned because
We both have our faults
A low ionization energy
But that keeps things stable

And I might have lost a couple electrons here and there
But it seems that you have picked them up.
You didn’t steal them,
For this bond isn’t covalent.
Even if you did steal my heart

Instead you found the electrons I left behind,
You gathered them and took them in as your own
So that one day they could be returned.
One day they would pull us together.

So even though it is our opposite charges that attract
It is what we share that lets the energy conduct
So I am the chlorine and you are the sodium
And this electrovalent bond is something
Strange and new
Something unpredictable

Something full of firsts and
Something unlike anything I’ve ever felt before
Because for once I want to be cliche
For once my compound is strong
For once the structure is noble

The sea of copies isn’t intimidating
Because somewhere in there is you
And even in a massive crowd
I’m drawn to you
Bound to this ionic bond.


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