I feel like I'm addicted to you...I am consistently high on your kiss, your touch, your hot breath on my neck. The way your chest beats to the drum of the heaviness in your voice when you moan out to me. I am addicted to you, the way you trace my frame and then fill me up, sign your name on my walls "Dekendrick was here" no one has ever gone where you've been. You hold the ink that poisons me, and I've tried to hold it in, but somehow I regurgitated these words onto these lines and there's no turning back now. Here they are, I'm addicted, I admit it. In every moment you're here and every moment you're away, I jones for you...and you don't even know it. 


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

i hope this person realizes what you mean to him

i hope he realizes that he have a good person that's desires him

well written poem overall

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