L: is for the losers who have no heart

O : is for the only thing that keeps us apart

V: is vivacious you look each night

E: is every time I think of you it is hindsight


The world really doesn’t know how to love

The world doesn’t understand the chemicals in your mind that create this allusion defined of love

The world doesn’t understand that chocolate gives the exact same chemical stir as love.

That’s why I never gave you chocolate and never ate it around you because I wanted my chemical reaction to be real and not by chocolate of love

I took chocolate out of the relationship and it became real, but the moment I introduced it back … that night it all ended


Chocolate was never the same to me after that day

Sometimes knowledge is power and sometimes it just plain sucks

Sometimes the power inside you is the only thing that can hurt you

Sometimes it is the only thing that drives you

But I don’t drive by love, chocolate or the world

I drive myself to school so that I can learn why chocolate stimulates the same part as love




L: is for how lonely I am right now

O: is how the only thing I can think about is chocolate and depression

N: is for how no one cares about me or my chemical infatuation of chocolate

E: is everyday passes without love is  A DAY NOT LIVING

R: is how the world can’t understand how right I am, but I  won’t understand the areas where I am wrong.


Royal Blood

Tbh....I dont even like chocolate :/ wonder what that means for my love life?


it should mean that every time you love it will be genuine, now you have the hard part of finding the right person to love.

Royal Blood

Aww thanks and challenge accepted lol

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