Titanium that Saved My Curve

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 03:04 -- Raven_R

This, is deeper than the fourth period--
Sorrowful Story, Something Strong
But it seems like my definition of my metal was wrong
Abuse: He used his strength the wrong way;
His angry transition,
Showed me his personal position
In my life--Daddy:
A strong titanium
And 'I' with the 'S' shaped spine
Got hurt, all the time
But mommy and "I" clearly were on the opposite side of the metals
Till this day, "I" wear the scar
Spinal Fusion Surgery
Titanium and all
Daddy was from the wrong family
made him weaker than "I"
A true and new chemistry
I write because Titanium helped form strong little ol' me.
The titanium in me, after surgery: corrections.
The titanium's strength: finally used correctly
Straightened me out
To strong ol' "Me--"


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