Back to You

It always comes back to you, you know. The center of it all, the center of me comes

Back to you

I learned so much about chemistry since we fell to pieces. I learned that there is good chemistry, and bad chemistry, there’s sufficient and there’s great chemistry

And then

There’s chemistry that fills the room beyond the two of us, that explodes, felt by all

But it doesn’t all burn down to chemistry

There’s the familiarity of each other, the connection that can be worked at, yes

But the best connections are the ones that just are, beyond explanation, strong

You’ve always come easily to me

We never had to learn what to say, it was understood-I never questioned how my body fit into yours-it just did

The puzzle pieces were already made; they just had to be put together

And when we fell apart, it was the most unnatural thing in the world

My bed wasn’t made for us to sit against a wall, so stiff and so apart

My bed was made for middle ground and soft lines, soft touches

So what I’ve learned is that Chemistry doesn’t go away, you +me will always explode

And as painful as that can be, it’s natural. And natural is a whole lot less painful

Than pretending to be something we’re not

We can ignore the connection like a scar we should cover so as not to have to tell the story of its origin

Or, we can use that scar to our advantage, we can learn from it and not make the same mistakes

It always comes back to you, damn it, and I know that for you, it always comes

Back to me


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Our world


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