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We have been told.For the longest time.That we are inferior to men.That we can't do what they do.That we weren't meant to.But I will tell you what we were meant to do.To fight, to show our worth.
Once upon a starry night Still is dark but seems so bright   The way the world just disappears Into your eyes into your fears  
Liquid silk pours down my face Unmasking, revealing Yet no reflection takes it's place  
Is it true? the words I hear and the visuals I see, beyond truth is all I ever believe, but for  me to see, and for me to hear is it reality?  the feelings that i feel
I watch you stain a canvas with your presences soft breath whispers your eyes don't see and your ears don't hear endless odysseys of conversations I’ve had with you your body language the tool of choice
In the mirror, I stare at my opposite twin who stares back at me. She is beautiful, yet worn; she is mysterious, yet ordinary. And there is no way of talking to her
What may feel empty to the world, Cause I got no color to define,
Ladies tell'em that I look so good tonight,
  Here I stand again
Loud mouth, Too many words being spoken
I'm going to bring up Gender equality Being a "feminist" And what that means. Let's talk about stereotypes And why they exist Why we continue to accept The explanations they give As if:
From the coils on my head To the Birth mark on my right arm From the pigment of my skin To the beauty of my charm I am the expressed genes of my DNA Genetically selected me I must say  
I was born flawless Why you may ask Because I'm me And God made I'm a woman I'm a sister I'm a daughter I' m a best friend My imperfections make me flawless
No filter is needed to see who this is A girl with such a bliss Someone who they miss But in history, they've shown of me what should be As now I uncover my destiny Now the filters may disappear
Pick this up Pick that up Shut your mouth Women should be seen Not heard. Make me tea Make me breakfast Make me tea Make me lunch Make me tea Make me dinner
so this is what you get when you wash me down scrub me with scalding water until my skin is raw lather and rinse and repeat wash the layers of armor away we watch as they swirl down the drain
When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a different girl living in a Utopian world. The girl is different from me, way different from what I've seen.
You cannot see me. I am a faceless person behind a computer screen. All you know about me is what I am about to tell you. Without all the physical stuff, this is me. The authentic and me that I strive to be.
I sit in class ready to learn but with a heart that’s been burned. Not because of a boy but because of what I have done to myself. The real me laughs but doesn’t smile
I tried to roll the melanin off my skin
i am the one they call strange  annoying  weird  different i am the girl who is ignored  unwanted  unneeded  i am the one who doesnt grow up  i probably never will 
Beauty is not a simple thing,
Hello My name is Jasmine I mean my name is Young I mean my name is Girl I mean my name is Woman   Hi there I’d like to tell you a story About summer When it’s hot
Yes I know I'm flawless Wow look at that confidence  I look at others so pretty and petite But only wonder why they do not eat   I love to live and live to love
Many times I see fear For those around me it is clear Boots, jeans, and cowboy hats don't belong here Yet, I stand perfect my broken mirror Strong eye makeup symbolizes my strength, but it does appear...
Dear Future Self,   You did it.   Living with no limits. Losing yourself in your passion. Rising up and growing into the best you could be. Your world was waiting for you.  
    The Toy Truck Girl   When I was five years old My mom bought my brother a toy truck He loved to play outside in the dirt in his jeans
I woke up I had to wake up I had my whole life Waiting ahead of me in strife. I always dreamed of this moment Could it be my time? I could hear the chime Of success calling my name
I wake up everyday trying to be #flawless   The lipstick, the blush, the eyebrows on #fleek  
I am too tall. I am too loud. My hair is a mess in the morning. My memory is not all that great. Sometimes I forget to brush my teeth. Sometimes I don't want to take a shower.
Focused for the day and the Grade A letters to be exchanged Letters we all focus on that will define for the rest of our lives
My legs, My legs, O' they are much better than pegs.  Through lush green fields I dance and I prance, O' how my greatest treasure lies under my pants!   My calves are smooth and supple,
I'm about to write this poem, but first let me take a sefie. Ducklips Filters and angles
When I was younger, I was a bonfire. I blinded all who came to hurt me, and could comfort those who sought my warmth. I lit my surroundings with my wild light, and was never afraid
My Flawless African American, pure type of beauty
  Taking a picture day in and day out little imperfections Quickly to be corrected hide the true beauty waiting to be discovered
“They” say there are certain standards to conform to That a lady needs to watch her mouth and hold her opinion. “They” want to mold me into society’s ideal unflawed woman who bites her tongue and cooks in the kitchen.
I rise in the morning and gaze at my kingdom; the wavy grasslands of my hair, the muddy pools of amber eyes. I see the stretch of sand dune skin, I have hills and valleys on me.
Flawless I can tell you what does not make me so. 
I am sassy, as some may know. Its flawless in design, and that, I like to show! I might have some odds and ends about myself, And those problems I might have to lug and tow.
My bottom isn't the biggest, my thighs aren't the thickest   But I'm perfect exactly how I am My cheeks aren't blemish free, everybody doesn't have to like me But I'm perfect exactly how I am
  Music poundin’, phrases boundin’- baby I’m flawless… Strings screechin’, conductor preachin’- Baby I’m Flawless…
"Beauty is pain."  The phrase I was raised on. My mom, my grandmother, my great grandmother- Whether it was while brushing my difficult hair, or applying mascara to my innocent and eager eyes before school, 
Eyes, nose, lips, Flawless.   Glasses, nose ring, braces, Flawless. Silky brown skin all among the ends.
makeup                 celebrities                                 perfect bodies and  then there’s me so much pressure to look the part they forget to look at our heart
Beauty, Beauty she fell back into her a pool of pressure. As she felt every ounce of water seeping into her skin It reminded her of the pressure of being being ideal  as she drowned in her pool of sins
Which is really you, the person behind the curtain, or the person your best friend boyfriend parent ecclesiastical leader God
I am Beautiful Smart Funny Not afraid Hard working Lovable College ready Me.
It's hard to believe that a girl like me is Flawless. There are so many things that feel about myself, That are just....not. I don't physically flawless. I can point out everything I hate easily,
I am a woman
They say I should be petite That I shouldn't eat Hell, I'm a big girl and I like me some meat!
In early morning  i wake to satisfy  not others but me 
As a little girl your momma always tells you Beauty is in the eye of the beholder That beauty isn"t only skin deep That young girls don't need make up and filters To be pretty  
Beautiful. I am just a word, but when you read me what do you see? Am I a famous celebrity or model?
Trying to find myself in a whirl wind
Ive always used a filter so that others can percive me the way  I want them to.
Nobody's perfect, and I'm proud of that.
Untitled I kept running, Until I had to stop I curled up into a ball My arms hugging my knees tightly Before I knew it, it was raining buckets And my face was wet from sobbing
Please do not use my good looks As an excuse for your blatant impertinence Of course I look “pretty damn fine” But I did not get dressed with you in mind Your threatening footsteps, Lingering eyes,
I am woman, hear me roar, Breath fire, wipe minds, tear asunder This world that was built on innocent blood Of women, children, difference plundered. Where woman tread, no man should. 
Those were the days that I hated being me
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